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IORT's single high dose of energy is again benefiting cancer patients, who no longer must travel down the hall mid-surgery.
UW scientists discover that a distinctive response among lung cells might be exploited to limit the virus’ reproduction.
A clinical trial of 150 patients expands the use of physician-modified endovascular grafts when open surgery is not an option.
Insurance typically covers the care, but U.S. physicians prescribe it for only about 20 percent of eligible patients. Northwest Hospital offers a comprehensive program.
Neurosurgeon and renowned investigator Eric Holland joins UW Medicine from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
A new South Lake Union building enhances collaboration by uniting labs: vision, kidney, infectious disease, rheumatology and immunology.
An oculoplastic surgeon's awareness of the eye's delicate mechanics sets her apart from others who perform eyelid and facial procedures.
UW Medicine is a West Coast leader in providing irreversible electroporation, an avenue for patients not eligible for ablation or cryotherapy.
UW Medicine was first on the West Coast to deploy the implantable device, which breaks trail by working entirely outside bloodstream.
The population is growing but under-resourced. A regional pioneer leads UW Medicine's care to help individuals with ASD realize their potential.
UW scientists associate the anatomy of the hippocampus and cerebellum with language abilities of children at 1 year of age.
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